Kent Island Beach Cleanups

Tubefreeks is happy to announce we are supporting Kent Island Beach Cleanups (KIBCU).

Each year, thousands of tons of trash, largely plastics, styrofoam and cigarette butts, ends up on the shores of Kent Island and other areas of the Chesapeake Bay. Not only is this trash an eyesore to look at, but the pollution is very harmful to our fragile eco-system.

Marine life depends on healthy ocean environments to thrive, and these pollutants can negatively effect and even kill populations of fish, turtles, birds, and crustaceans in the Bay.

Kent Island Beach Cleanups (KIBCU), in 4 years of volunteer work has cleaned up over 100,000 pieces of debris weighing over 40,000 pounds! Imagine the impact if this trash were allowed to stay on the shores or wash back into the Bay and the Ocean!?

KIBCU also provides environmental educational presentations to local schools and businesses where they are able to showcase their progress and create awareness of the negative effects of the proliferation of one-use plastics.

The members of Tubefreeks will be participating along with hundreds of other volunteers to get out and clean up this trash! Please come join us and contact KIBCU about volunteering at any of their events. Detailed information including all event dates are listed on their website at

It's a great cause to keep our beautiful Bay clean and healthy for wildlife and for us! Come on out and help us get rid of this trash!!

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