The new Tubefreeks album, Unhinged, is here!!

Tubefreeks is excited to announce the band has completed the recording their 4th full-length album, Unhinged. The first single, Release the Crow, is out now on YouTube and all streaming platforms. More singles are on the way with the full album dropping later in the year.

Singer / bassist Paul van Valkenburgh stated, "We're so stoked about our new album. Chris, Rob and I have taken the time to put together what we feel is a great collection of new songs. We're really proud that the effort is a full collaboration between all of us and that we continue to evolve as a band. The existing fans will love the new tunes, but we believe we will also be attracting lots of new fans. The sounds are definitely moving in a heavier direction ... probably more of a blend of hard rock and metal." The band is also planning follow up tour dates in in 2022 and beyond.

Tubefreeks is Paul van Valkenburgh on lead vocals /bass, Rob Portillo on guitar, and Chris Badolato on drums. The sound is based on heavy riff-oriented rock with raging drums, guitar solos, and melodic vocals. Previous nationwide tour dates included sharing the stage with legends including Godsmack, Stone Temple Pilots, Fuel, Saliva, Puddle of Mudd, Lamb of God and many more.
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