What is a Tubefreek? And how was the band named Tubefreeks?

- Did you know Tubefreeks was originally named Bloody Mary? Upon discovering another band in the Southern VA area was already using the same name, the band was forced to change the name. Thank goodness!!

- The word Tubefreeks (spelled the same way, one-word, two ee's) was used in the 1990 Vineland novel by Thomas Pynchon. In Northern California where the book takes place, there was a rehab center for people with Tubal abuse and video related disorders. This "dryin'-out place for Tubefreeks", as stated in the book, helps these TV addicts overcome their issues!

- So how did the band become Tubefreeks? There is a long running internal debate as basically two people spat out the name at the same time. Long-time friend and roommate Pat Jeffries had been reading Vineland and suggested the name. And at the same time, bassist Mike Stehr, who was a skate / surf rat kind of guy blurted it out independently. We will give credit to both!!

- So, what else is a Tubefreek? There have been many uses of the word that people have claimed it means over the years. One is a surfer, who loves tubes!! Another is someone who uses a long unnamed device to smoke an unnamed leafy substance. And of course it has the meaning in Vineland in addition to some others. So, what does it mean? We say it means whatever you want it to mean!!

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