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Reviews of Tubefreeks Complex Disorders
Tubefreeks - Complex Disorders
April 2011

Reviewed By Brooke Horsley

Alright, now we are onto something here. This trio straight outta Baltimore sounds like a 5 piece band and worthy of a recording contract. I read that Chris Kozlowski produced this album in his studio, Polar Bear Lair Studios with the guys from TUBEFREEKS. All of the tracks that are on this CD “Complex Disorders” are phenomenal. It’s crisp and clean. The vocals soar out of Paul Van Valkenburgh’s body. Paul Van V also plays bass for the band so he is multi-talented at best.

Shawn Vickers guitar playing is killer and it is quite obvious that he is seasoned. Last but not least Geoff Burrell beatin’ on the drums completes this trio. I have listened to these tracks over and over and still can’t believe this is a three piece band. I would love to see them live. Sometimes it can get confusing when there are 5 and 6 band members on a CD or a stage. I like the simplicity of the size of the TUBEFREEKS but don’t confuse that with their sound being simplistic, these guys tear it up.

The first tune “Aflagarden” is heavy and is used by WWE wrestler Bill Bain as he struts to the ring for his matches. “Dumb Games” and “S.O.B.” have some insane guitar riffs. They sound “old skool” late 80’s early 90’s. If you are partial to music from the 80’s and 90’s with a new edge you will really dig these guys. “Split Down 40”, “Warm December”, “Sequenze” , “Spirits”, “Still I’m Blind”, “Blackwater Rise”, …all great tunes well written and recorded.

The TUBEFREEKS are a diamond in the rough. Where have they been hiding? The tune “Parana” really shows some true talent. It has a sick, and I mean sick guitar intro that goes into a badass drum solo that goes into more sick guitar riffs. There are no vocals in this tune it’s just guitars and drums. I have never heard a tune quite like this one. It’s truly a cool jam session. “Tripped Out Man” really makes me feel like going out and breaking something in a good way of course. It’s a step up from the other tunes and is a little heavier. The last tune on the CD ”Complex Disorders” “Face Of A Rival” is yet another great tune and displays more of the same great vocals and playing in the previous tunes. In short, just when the last notes are heard in this last song it’s time to hit “repeat” and listen to this CD again and again.

Good job boys! When in the Baltimore, MD area, look for these guys, pick up the CD and support the TUBEFREEKS!!

R n’ R! If it’s too loud, you’re too old!

Hard, Harder, Heavy Magazine
Tubefreeks - Complex Disorders

Reviewed By M.A.
Website in German - English Translation here :

The Tubefreeks of Baltimore were founded in the late 90's and are comprised of Paul Van Valkenburgh (vocals, bass), Shawn Vickers (guitar) and Geoff Burrell (drums) together. The power trio's COMPLEX DISORDERS serves a highly entertaining post-grunge and alternative mix with occasional stoner-rock and heavy passages. The vocals by Paul van Valkenburgh are a mix of Ozzy, Scott Weiland (Stone Temple Pilots, Velvet Revolver) and Layne Staley (Alice in Chains), which well describes the musical direction.

The sound of Black Sabbath, the sophisticated vocal lines of the Stone Temple Pilots, some of the brutal power of Metallica (mind you in their alternative stage for LOAD and RELOAD) and the psychedelic elements of Alice in Chains with occasional brutal outbreaks in the style of Kyuss / Queens of the Stone Age. Everything on a high playful and compositional level. The varied arrangement of the songs provide permanent power without losing thier catchiness. In particular, the excellent and highly variable crafted vocals by Van Valkenburgh lends the pieces a very personal touch and must be raised at this point again.

Short and Sweet: A first-class power package that fans of the above mentioned musicians / bands can strongly take to heart.

Conclusion: The power trio from Baltimore COMPLEX DISORDERS serves a very appealing amalgam of grunge, stoner rock, alternative and heavy rock. The disc moves steeply forward and liberates a lot of energy. Musically and especially vocally are the first-rate power riffs which resounds with psychedelic influences on the ear. I lean here a little bit out of the window: Would COMPLEX DISORDERS been published in the mid-nineties then the disc would have become a top seller. Unfortunately, today, Hardcore-Grunge and alternative- nostalgic would be the only group which would appreciate Tubefreeks but – thank god – that group is still very well represented. Recommendation: Buy!

Tubefreeks - Complex Disorders Review
February, 2011

Reviewed By Dave Attrill

Their name may sound like either an army of deformed men on the London Underground, or some typical wannabe indie-pop sell-outs.

Baltimore trio, Tubefreeks are thankfully neither, although they do come with a few alternative tendencies and are already classed under grunge amongst things on the promo. Putting a bit of everything from the main three into their mix, grindy Seattle -edged noise meets with straight ahead hard rock and ……… metal in a melting but intelligently orchestrated collision.

Frontman Paul Vankenburg’s more than a little Ozzy- like range sits beautifully on top of their mostly seventies-levelled metal approach and turns a lot of attention away from their initially, contemporary- moulded product. With plenty of lovely solos to choose from, this album reeks of wonderful yet unusually confined classiness and a strong whiff of substance that fills the air solid.

A wonderfully Freek occurrence.

Mario's Metal Mania
Tubefreeks - Complex Disorders Review
January, 2011

Reviewed By Ad van Osch

I think a lot of readers of MMM haven't heard, just like myself, of American Hard Rock/Metal trio TUBEFREEKS before. Well, this band, which was formed somewhere in the 90's,comes from Baltimore, MD area and exists of Paul van Valkenburgh (vocals, bass), Shawn Vickers (guitar) and Geoff Burrell (drums). It seems that TUBEFREEKS did have released some material in the 90's. And of that period, there's been a compilation album available, simply titled “Best Of The 90's”, and features 22 songs. Anyway, in front of me I have the album “Complex Disorders”, which is an album that features twelve tracks. On the press sheet is mentioned that the band has numerous of influences, like BLACK SABBATH, OZZY OSBOURNE, LED ZEPPELIN, BEATLES, METALLICA, ALICE IN CHAINS, STONE TEMPLE PILOTS, PANTERA and DEFTONES to name a few. But when I am listening to this album, the band reminds me musically the most of bands like ALICE IN CHAINS, STONE TEMPLE PILOTS and PSYCHOTIC WALTZ. And indeed, sometimes you can also hear influences of METALLICA, like on “Spirits” and BLACK SABBATH (“S.O.B.”). The band exists of very good musicians and Paul van Valkenburgh's vocals reminds me very much of Buddy Lackey (PSYCHOTIC WALTZ) and a bit of Ozzy. This album was produced by the band themselves and Chris Kozlowski, and sounds very good. I must say that almost all of the songs are very good compositions. In my opinion, the only song on this album which is really less, is the instrumental track called “Parana”, which has also a drum solo in it. But songs like opener “Aflagarden”, “Dumb Games”, “Split Down 40”, “Warm December”, “Sequenze”, "Spirits” and “Tripped Out Man” are all fantastic. Anyway, TUBEFREEKS are a good band with a very nice album.

Tubefreeks - Complex Disorders Review
December 18th, 2010

Reviewed By Arne
Website in German - English Translation here :

The first impression of their arrangement deceives because the Americans sell themselves under value. Even so the artwork and the pictures seem to surrogate something horrible, the listener will soon be captivated by the TUBEFREEKS. The trio from Baltimore was founded in the 90s and have a long history. The music of their new album “Complex Disorders” goes even further back, at least partly. The music is based on an earthly and intuitive mixture of Hard and Grunge Rock which is served with a small psychedelic curb. The TUBEFREEKS show their tribute to Heavy-Institutions like LedZep and Sabbath Tribute but they also show their inspiration of the 90s heroes like Alice In Chains and Stone Temple Pilots. The result is a disc which is multiple times retro and a little bit timeless. The title “Complex Disorders” does not find an analogy in the texts, as well as, in the lyrics. The tidy approach from the TUBEFREEKS is likeable. They always look for the direct path and they bring the lovable style and standard of rock history in a harmonious and audiolicious form together. Even so the trio has to deduct some points from the B-grade due to their homogeneous composition of their songs, it should not hurt them very much. In the end result, the positive impression weighs heavier because you do not find a lot of Hard-meets-Grunge-Rock-Albums.

Room Thirteen
Where Music Rocks
November 18, 2010

Reviewed By Ross Pike

'Complex Disorders' is a record that could have only come from the States. The straightforward heaviness of Tubefreeks' blue-collar rock isn't something that we really do in the UK; too many indie boys drinking WKD and not enough grizzled men oppressed daily by Fox News. The music is precise, economic and with absolutely no extraneous frivolities - as all good power trios tend to be. There's a definite mid-nineties influence to the Tubefreeks sound as they take a little from grunge, alt.metal and hard rock across twelve tracks.

'Aflagarden' and 'Dumb Games' dance to an Alice in Chains beat and Paul van Valkenburgh's vocals are suitably gruff. The lyrical content hails from the same darkened soul that inspired Alice as the opening words to the album demonstrate: "When I see you, when I bleed you on the cross, when I grieve you/Who sustains the loss?". With a title like 'S.O.B.' the third track was unlikely to be a lullaby either and the central riff grinds like a piece of heavy machinery occasionally tempered by a wah dripped lead. 'Warm December' opens with throbbing bass, circular toms and lots of reverb. The scuzzed-up guitar is never far away though and it has to be said that the industrial rock by way of the desert approach is pretty damn cool. 'Spirits' ventures into Sabbath territory with its focus on a certain mania "Are the fears all just in your mind (it's what I'm thinkin') /Are the fears so real, they justify the time". Compliment should be paid at this point to the band's booming sound and all round tightness. In particular, Shawn Vickers' often sick guitar contributions and Dimebag-like inflections to his riffs keep the album interesting.

The sounds drilled into this CD are certainly very familiar in late 2010 (a drum solo on 'Parana' eh?) but there is power in Tubefreeks' attack and anyone with an affection for plaid, long hair and diamond hard rock should give 'Complex Disorders' a spin.

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June 17th, 2010

Independent Release

Rating : 9 out of 10

Reviewed By Bam-Bam

Brilliant Maryland-born Indie Rock at its finest; the TUBEFREEKS are one of the few and far between. Here, friends, is a band that can take no less than four Rock genres at one time and mold them into bite-sized morsels of eargasmic delight and deliver them with all the force of a jackhammer to the face! On first listen, Complex Disorders is just way too much to take in without getting completely lost in a haze of cannabis-laced atmosphere soaked with SABBATH sludge and lyrical labyrinths that would make RED HOT CHILIPEPPERS singer Anthony Kiedis blush with embarrassment. They are totally not afraid to wear their influences on their sleeves, but with so many of them present and accounted for, you’ll become literally punch-drunk trying to point them all out. Simply put, take all the guitar crunch of a METALLICA riff, add your 70’s era OZZY OSBOURNE vocal sneer, toss in a bass line that every Stoner Rocker can rhythmically hit their bong too and finally shoot a dose or two of PRIMUS up the drummer’s ass and back the hell up…here come the TUBEFREEKS, ladies and gentlemen! Literally, this is an album that never gets boring, no matter what time of the day or where you’re listening to it. I think my favorite way to enjoy Complex Disorders is driving through heavy Florida traffic in the early A.M. For every middle-finger I would normally let fly unabashedly, I find a new reason to just smile and let the poor bastards start their day with amped up E.K.G.s! The whole album is a straight-up reason to confidently graduate it to the top of your daily playlist, but if pressed for the goods, I’d have to say my faves are (in no particular order) “Split Down 40”, “Warm December”, “Sequenze” (killer guitar work), “Blackwater Rise” and “Parana” (sick-ass drum solo provided by Geoff Burrell). It’s great to see a band these days that still has the balls to break the mold and follow their hearts, rather than the current trend and still sound as relevant as if they were high atop the Billboard 100! Major kudos, TUBEFREEKS; consider me a fan for life! To purchase, head over to Very, Very Highly Recommended!!!

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Quick Play: A round-up of November 2010 album releases
November 13th, 2010

Reviewed By Joe Geesin

USA grunge rock band with a lot of noise, and a heavy influence of mid 70s Black Sabbath as well as Pantera, Alice In Chains and Stone Temple Pilots.

Opener 'Aflagarden' has, like 'SOB', a strong nod to Tony Iommi’s guitar, while 'Dumb Games' takes that grunge guitar sound in a more alternative direction. At times the vocals nod to Ozzy, and on the slower tracks only a wailing guitar detracts from a stoner feel.

'Warm December' has a good riff and pace, and 'Sequenze' really adds a heavy rhythm and an early 80s Sabbath guitar solo. Sadly this solo work is far too short.

Well worth checking out.

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