Songs from the Machine Sessions are here!!

Hard Rock / Groove Metal band Tubefreeks is back with Tall Grass, the first of a series of singles produced by major-label producer Machine!! Recorded at the Machine Shop in Austin, Texas, and released along with an all new video, the song smacks you like a punch in the face. More singles are on the way from the sessions with Machine, who also worked with the band on the highly acclaimed album, Unhinged, from 2022.

Tubefreeks delivers a smokin' live show and has a great line up of club dates and festivals set for 2024. The band has toured nationally, played major festivals, and has shared the stage with legends including Godsmack, Lamb of God, Stone Temple Pilots, The Offspring, Saliva, Fuel, Puddle of Mudd. The group consistently brings high-energy, solid performances to the stage.

Look for more new singles in 2024 leading to a full album later in the year. Tubefreeks' previous releases include Unhinged 2022, The Dry Tide 2017 and Complex Disorders 2011.

Band founder van Valkenburgh talked about working with Machine, "We're so stoked about the new songs from working with Machine. We think it is a great collection of material. We're really proud that the effort is a full collaboration between all of us and that we continue to evolve as a band. We think the existing fans will love the new songs, but should appeal to lots of new fans as well. The sounds are definitely moving in a heavier direction!"

Let's let it RIP!! - Tubefreeks is: Paul van Valkenburgh - Vocals / Bass Chris Badolato - Drums George Goch - Guitar Brian Murray - Guitar
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